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Research You Can Use

The American Planning Association’s Planning Magazine has a dedicated column written by Professor Reid Ewing called “Research You Can Use.” This column highlights academic research and puts it into context so that professional planners can practically apply its findings.


November 2014 Issue:
Correlation Does Not Imply Causation

August/September 2014 Issue:
Hot Journal, Hotter Cities

June 2014 Issue:
Mapping Mobility

April 2014 Issue:
Not Your Grandparents’ Regression Analysis

February 2014 Issue:
Observation As A Research Method


December 2013 Issue:
Costs of Sprawl Revisited

October 2013 Issue:
Reviewing the Reviews

July 2013 Issue:
Come Home to JAPA

April 2013 Issue:
Coordinating Land Use and Transportation in Sacramento

February 2013 Issue:
Mixing Methods for Clearer Results