The University of Utah
College of Architecture + Planning

Point of the Mountain Transportation Analysis

“Utahns have high expectations and ambitious hopes for the area surrounding the border between Salt Lake County and Utah County (the Point of the Mountain). From the rapidly growing cities to the booming tech sector to the beautiful natural surroundings, Utahns want the Point of the Mountain to be prosperous and thriving, accessible and enjoyable, and healthy and beautiful. The Point of the Mountain can lead the way in establishing a 21st Century “innovation economy,” providing a convenient and enjoyable lifestyle, and demonstrating sustainable approaches to using natural resources and improving air quality.” –Point of the Mountain Development Commission

In partnership with Envision Utah and WSP, the Metropolitan Research Center is conducting a transportation analysis focused on parking needs in the new development. The MRC will support Envision Utah and WSP’s scenario developments and provide final parking recommendations. The research team for this project includes Dr. Reid Ewing, PhD student Matthew Miller, and research assistant Amanda Dillon.

The Center will perform a parking assessment and hold a work session to define a parking generation/evaluation process and criteria that accounts for development density, land use diversity, distance to high-capacity transit, and other D variables, and informs the desired supply and configuration (e.g., surface versus structured, shared versus unshared, bundled versus unbundled, paid versus unpaid) of parking. The Center will also approximate the impact of parking supply ratios and physical configurations on potential development intensities. These parking assessment results will be shared with the Point of the Mountain Development Commission consultant to inform development intensities of scenario(s). Recommendations will be applied by others to evaluate parking supply and configuration and land use form of the “universe” of scenarios.