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2015 - 2010


Exploring the relationship between ride-sourcing services and vehicle ownership, using both inferential and machine learning approaches
Landscape and Urban Planning (June 2020)
Sadegh Sabouri, Simon Brewer, Reid Ewing

Another one rides the bus? The connections between bus stop amenities, bus ridership, and ADA paratransit demand
Transportation Research Part A: Policy and Practice (May 2020)
Ja Young Kim, Keith Bartholomew, Reid Ewing

Guidelines for a polycentric region to reduce vehicle use and increase walking and transit use
Journal of the American Planning Association (March 2020)
Keunhyun Park, Reid Ewing, Sadegh Sabouri, Dong-ah Choi, Shima Hamidi, Guang Tian

Exploring the influence of the built environment on Uber demand
Transportation Research Part D: Transport and Environment (April 2020)
Sadegh Sabouri, Keunhyun Park, Amy Smith, Guang Tian, Reid Ewing

Compact development and BMI for young adults: environmental determinism or self-selection?
Journal of the American Planning Association (March 2020)
Shima Hamidi, Reid Ewing

Do urban design qualities add to property values? An empirical analysis of the relationship between urban design qualities and property values
Cities (March 2020)
Shima Hamidi, Ahmad Bonakdar, Golnaz Keshavarzi, Reid Ewing

Traffic generated by mixed-use developments: A follow-up 31-region study
Transportation Research Part D: Transport and Environment (January 2020)
Guang Tian, Keunhyun Park, Reid Ewing, Mackenzie Watten, Jerry Walters

State-of-the-practice in connectinc and coordinating transportation and land use planning in the USA
Transportation Research Record (May 2019)
Sadegh Sabouri, Amanda Dillon, David Proffitt, Megan Townsend, Reid Ewing

Intrazonal or interzonal? Improving intrazonal travel forecast in a four-step travel demand model
Transportation (May 2019)
Keunhyun Park, Sadegh Sabouri, Torrey Lyons, Guang Tian, Reid Ewing

Street life and the built environment in an auto-oriented US region
Cities (May 2019)
Keunhyun Park, Reid Ewing, Sadegh Sabouri, Jon Larsen

Comparative case studies: Trip and parking generation at Orenco Station TOD, Portland region and Station Park TAD, Salt Lake City region
Cities (April 2019)
Reid Ewing, Guang Tian, Keunhyun Park, Sadegh Sabouri, Preston Stinger, David Proffitt

Not parking lots but parks: A joint association of parks and transit stations with travel behavior
International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health (February 2019)
Keunhyun Park, Dong-ah Choi, Guang Tian, Reid Ewing

Why do some articles in urban planning journals get cited more than others?
Journal of Planning Education and Research (January 2019)
Mark R. Stevens, Keunhyun Park, Guang Tian, Keuntae Kim, Reid Ewing

Accessibility planning in American metropolitan areas: Are we there yet?
Urban Studies (January 2019)
David G. Proffitt, Keith Bartholomew, Reid Ewing, Harvey J. Miller

The usability of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) for pedestrian observation
Journal of Planning Education and Research (October 2018)
Keunhyun Park, Reid Ewing

Travel behavior in TODs vs non-TODs: Using cluster analysis and propensity score matching
Transportation Research Record (May 2018)
Keunhyun Park, Reid Ewing, Brenda C. Scheer, Shabnam Sifat Ara Khan

Associations between urban sprawl and life expectancy in the United States
International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health (March 2018)
Shima Hamidi, Reid Ewing, Zaria Tatalovich, James B. Grace, David Berrigan

Does compact development increase or reduce traffic congestion?
Cities (February 2018)
Reid Ewing, Guang Tian, Torrey Lyons

The impacts of built environment characteristics of rail station areas on household travel behavior
Cities (January 2018)
Keunhyun Park, Reid EwingBrenda C.Scheer, Guang Tian

Paseo Boricua: Identity, Symbols and Ownership
América Crítica (December 2017)
Ivis Garcia

Effects of accessibility and environmental health risk on housing prices: a case of Salt Lake County, Utah
Applied Geography (December 2017)
Guang Tian, Yehua Dennis Wei, Han Li

The usability of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) for measuring park-based physical activity
Landscape and Urban Planning (November 2017)
Keunhyun Park & Reid Ewing

Gendered Fault Lines: A Demographic Profile of Puerto Rican Women in the United States
Centro Journal (Fall 2017)
Maura Toro-Morn and Ivis García Zambrano

Trip and parking generation at transit-oriented developments: a case study of Redmond TOD, Seattle region
Transportation (September 2017)
Guang Tian, Reid Ewing, Rachel Weinberger, Kevin Shively, Preston Stinger, Shima Hamidi

A walk trip generation model for Portland, OR
Transportation Research Part D: Transport and Environment (May 2017)
Guang Tian, Reid Ewing

Trip and parking generation at transit-oriented developments: Five US case studies
Landscape and Urban Planning (April 2017)
Reid Ewing, Guang Tian, Torrey Lyons, Kathryn Terzano

Testing Newman and Kenworthy’s Theory of Density and Automobile Dependence
Journal of Planning Education and Research (January 2017)
Reid Ewing, Shima Hamidi, Guang Tian, David Proffitt, Stefania Tonin, Laura Fregolent

Understanding Transit Ridership in Utah: Improving Methodologies, Developing an Accessible Estimation Technique, and Establishing New Relationships.
Transportation Research Board 96th Annual Meeting (2017)
Torrey Lyons, Guang Tian, Katherine Daly

Psychological Park Accessibility: A Systematic Literature Review of Perceptual Components Affecting Park Use
Landscape Research (December 2016)
Keunhyun Park

Amenity, accessibility and housing values in metropolitan USA: A study of Salt Lake County, Utah
Cities (November 2016)
Han Li, Yehua Dennis Wei, Zhou Yu, Guang Tian

Introduction, De Bandera a Bandera (From Flag to Flag) New Scholarship about the Puerto Rican Diaspora in Chicago
CENTRO Journal (Fall 2016)
Ivis García Zambrana, et. al.

Arts Stability and Growth amid Redevelopment in U.S. Shrinking Cities’ Downtowns: A Case Study
Economic Development Quarterly (January 2016)
Joanna Ganning

The Link between Professional Performing Arts and Knowledge Class Growth: Implications for Metropolitan Economic Development
Economic Development Quarterly (December 2015)
Arthur C. Nelson, Casey J. Dawkins, Joanna P. Ganning, Katherine G. Kittrell, Reid Ewing

Pedestrian Safety and the Built Environment: A Review of the Risk Factors

Journal of Planning Literature (November 2015)
Philip Stoker, Andrea Garfinkel-Castro, Meleckidzedeck Khayesi, Wilson Odero, Martin N. Mwangi, Margie Peden, Reid Ewing

iSAW: Integrating Structure, Actors, and Water to Study Socio-Hydro-Ecological Systems
Earth’s Future, vol. 3, issue 3 (March 2015)
Rebecca L. Hale, et. al.

Measuring Sprawl and Its Impacts: An Update
Journal of Planning Education and Research (February 2015)
Shima Hamidi & Reid Ewing

A Puerto Rican Business District as a Community Strategy for Resisting Gentrification in Chicago
PLERUS (2015)
Ivis García


Varying influences of the built environment on household travel in 15 diverse regions of the United States 
Urban Studies (December 2014)
Reid Ewing, Guang Tian and JP Goates

Desire for Smart Growth: a Residential Choice Survey of Stated Preferences in the Salt Lake Region, Utah
Housing Policy Debate (December 2014)
Guang Tian & Reid Ewing

Urban Sprawl as a Risk Factor in Motor Vehicle Crashes
Urban Studies (December 2014)
Reid Ewing, et. al.

Goals, Challenges, and Capacity of Regional Data Portals in the U.S.: An Updated Understanding of Long Standing Discussions
Journal of Urban Technology, vol. 21, issue 4 (December 2014)
Joanna Ganning, et. al.

Assessing the feasibility of side yard programs as a solution to land vacancy in U.S. shrinking cities 
Urban Affairs Review (Novermber 2014)
Joanna Ganning & J. Rosie Tighe

A longitudinal study of changes in urban sprawl between 2000 and 2010 in the United States
Landscape and Urban Planning, vol. 128 (August 2014)
Shima Hamidi & Reid Ewing

Relationship between urban sprawl and physical activity, obesity, and morbidity – Update and refinement
Health and Place, vol. 26 (March 2014)
Reid Ewing, et. al.

Structural equation models of VMT growth in US urbanised areas
Urban Studies (February 2014)
Reid Ewing, et. al.

The Divergent City: Unequal and Uneven Development in Shrinking Cities
Urban Geography (January 2014)
J. Rosie Tighe & Joanna Ganning

Sprawl, Obesity, and Cancer Mortality in the United States: Cross-Sectional Analysis and Methodological Challenges
International Health Geographics, vol. 13(2) (January 2014)
Reid Ewing, et. al.

Effects of Light-Rail Transit on Traffic in a Travel Corridor
Journal of Public Transportation (2014)
Reid Ewing, Guang Tian, Allison Spain, J.P. Goates

Combined Effect of Compact Development, Transportation Investments, and Road User Pricing on Vehicle Miles Traveled in Urbanized Areas
Transportation Research Record: Journal of the Transportatin Research Board, No. 2397 (2014)
Reid Ewing, et. al.


2010 - 1995


Travel and the Built Environment: A Meta Analysis
Journal of the American Planning Association, Summer 2010, Vol. 76, No. 3 (May 2010)
Reid Ewing and Robert Cervero

The Impact of Urban Form on U.S. Residential Energy Use
Housing Policy Debate, vol. 19, issue 1 (March 2010)
Reid Ewing & Fang Rong

Growing Cooler: The Evidence on Urban Development and Climate Change
Urban Land Institute (2007)
Reid Ewing, Keith Bartholomew, Steve Winkelman, Jerry Walters, and Don Chen

Relationship Between Urban Sprawl and Weight of United States Youth
American Journal of Preventive Medicine, 2006, 31(6) (December 2006)
Reid Ewing, Ross C. Brownson, David Berrigan

School Location and Student Travel: Analysis of Factors Affecting Mode Choice
Transportation Research Record 1895 (December 2003)
Reid Ewing, William Schroeer, and William Greene

Relationship Between Urban Sprawl and Physical Activity, Obesity, and Morbidity
American Journal of Health Promotion, September/October 2003, Vol. 18, No. 1
Reid Ewing, Tom Schmid, Richard Killingsworth, Amy Zlot, and Stephen Raudenbush

Urban Sprawl as a Risk Factor in Motor Vehicle Occupant and Pedestrian Fatalities
American Journal of Public Health, September 2003, Vol 93, No. 9
Reid Ewing, PhD, Richard A. Schieber, MD, MPH, and Charles V. Zegeer, MS

Measuring Sprawl and Its Transportation Impacts
Transportation Research Record 1831, Paper No. 03-4195 (January 2003)
Reid Ewing, Rolf Pendall, and Don Chen

Impediments to Context-Sensitive Main Street Design
Transportation Quarterly, Vol. 56, No.4, Fall 2002 (51–64)
Reid Ewing

Travel and the Built Environment: A Synthesis
Transportation Research Record 1780, Paper No. 01-3515 (October 2001)
Reid Ewing and Robert Cervero

Is Los Angeles-Style Sprawl Desirable?
Journal of the American Planning Association, Winter 1997, 63(1)
Reid Ewing