The University of Utah
College of Architecture + Planning
Brenda Case Scheer

MRC Affiliate

Brenda Case Scheer, FAIA, FAICP is an urban designer and architect. She was dean of Architecture and Planning at the University of Utah from 2002-2013, following a successful architecture practice and academic career. Scheer has more than 32 papers and book chapters, 32 research grants, as well 3 books. Recent publications include “Performance and Urban Design: Form based codes as Evaluation.” in Architecture Beyond Criticism: Expert Judgment and Performance Evaluation. “Strip Development and How to Read It” in Fixing Sprawl. Her most recent book is The Evolution of Urban Form: Typology for Planners and Architects. 2010. She is currently co-director of the University’s Masters of Real Estate Development, and a jointly appointed professor of architecture and urban planning.